The 90 Day
Strategy Reset

Reset your strategy for growth.

Join Blakely in a 90-day Masterclass focused on the key building blocks of a great non-profit integrated, annual strategy and refresh your organization’s opportunity for growth.

The pandemic has accelerated the need for great strategy and a sense of control over our work. New opportunities and challenges mean we need the space and skills to build strategy that looks beyond the everyday. We understand the need to build up strategic muscle and we have the answer that can fast track it.

Our solution is a Masterclass that provides a 90 Day Reset.  It can help your organization make relevant strategic changes, and grow the skills and knowledge of your team. Individuals also benefit from shared experience and input from colleagues in the program. Whether you work with Blakely on core agency work, special strategic solutions products or are currently not a client, having a great strategy (and confidence in that strategy) makes all the difference to your ability to grow and plan for the future.

The 90 Day

Strategy Reset

Program Overview

Join the Blakely team in this very special online masterclass, working with strategic consultants and experts at Blakely and led by leading UK strategy coach, Stephen George, to explore the key building blocks of a great non-profit strategy. In this unique program, you will have the space to apply the learning to your own programs and opportunities and build your skills in strategic development that will benefit you and your organizations now and in the future. Over 90 days, we will take you through eight modules to build amazing strategy, with practical templates and tools to work on with your teams, and group workshop sessions to help you refresh and reset your strategy.

  1. A kick-off workshop to brief, set-up objectives, and introduce content
  2. 8 x 90-minute webinar workshops on the following modules:
    • Finding the real challenges and opportunities
    • Revisiting your purpose, aspirations, and strategic journey
    • Exploring audience insights
    • Building an audience led proposition
    • Building strategic principles and practices to guide you
    • Building tools for strategic reach – Digital and Journey Development
    • Building tools for strategy reach – Integration & Channel Mix
    • Creating a strategic road map and plan for growth
  3. 4 x 1 hour group coaching calls for discussion challenges and opportunities, Q&A Live with Stephen, Kimberley, and session experts
  4. Practical templates and exercises for each module
  5. A shared learning platform where all templates and materials live, as well as recorded sessions
  6. A private messenger group for sharing and connecting
  7. Ongoing connection to the latest Blakely thought leadership & research

The online program takes place with other organizations in a shared space, giving you an opportunity to network, learn, and develop together in a safe space, with hands-on live access to experts to support you in each area. The masterclass is limited to 15 people to ensure great value for participants and we encourage you to consider having more than one person from your organization attend in order to magnify the application of the learning.

Meet your Coaches

Stephen George, Leadership Coach & Consultant

Stephen George is a Fundraising and Leadership Coach and consultant, specializing in helping charity leaders become better leaders, creating and delivering great strategies, change programs, and raising more money and impact. He is currently working on legacies, fundraising and organizational strategies for international NGO’s, and UK charities and runs a leadership and coaching program. He has over 35 years experience at all levels and in all areas of fundraising and leadership, in the UK and internationally directly for UNICEF, NSPCC, RNIB, Action on Hearing Loss, Maggie’s and Scope and now with many clients large and small, and is an international speaker, writer, podcaster and contributor to NGO’s.

Kimberley Blease, EVP Strategic Solutions & Consultancy at Blakely

Kimberley brings 26 years of NFP experience in building innovative strategy and solutions for charities and is a specialist in building strong high value donor programs in the sector. Her passion for high value donor development, coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, has led to the development of numerous new products and solutions for the sector, and most recently, the launch of Blakely’s thought leadership platform – The Blakely exchange.

Your Session Experts

Our team of experts will take you through the nitty-gritty of our program. Teaching the ins and outs of insights and analytics, creative strategy, digital strategy and integrations, leadership, and team engagement that will pull your overall strategy together. 

Jeff Eland
Rachel Hunnybun
Donor Experience
Sara Campbell Mates
Maeve Strathy
Kesheyl van Schilt Leadership
Amy Pawluk
Team Engagement
Oliver Hibbs
Digital Integration
Ago Guastella
Creative Strategy


  • A fast-tracked approach to the identification of opportunity and challenges
  • Hands on expansion of your skill set and toolbox of strategy options
  • The generation of new ways of thinking as you continue to respond to changes and opportunities – it provides space for innovation and thinking beyond the day to day
  • Helps you to build a better business case for increased resource
  • Increased focus and skill on building relevant strategy for the organization and optimizing opportunities
  • Increased skill set of team members, stimulating innovation and creativity in a way that elevates thinking from the day to day
  • Excellent investment in professional development, training or management/strategy for individual team members
  • It’s quick and condensed, getting new team members into strategy quickly and allowing you to see impact and results
  • A great skill builder if you are hiring from outside the sector or promoting from within

By the end of the Masterclass, you will:

  • Experience a renewed focus on your purpose and mission and be able to identify key strategic imperatives and drive real growth
  • Be able to identify, understand, and focus on your key audiences and understand what tools can deliver the insights you need
  • Be able to define your proposition more clearly, and to ladder up content and communications to ensure clarity with key audiences
  • Have defined the key strategic principles and practices in your strategy so they can guide you and keep you focused in execution
  • Explore your digital capacity and what you need to do to embrace digital opportunities to grow
  • Better understand how to build an experience supporters will want to talk about
  • Understand the systems and support you will need now and for the future to support your strategic imperatives
  • Be able to identify key areas on integration that will help deliver strategy
  • Choose the right KPI’s that help you focus on progress
  • Explore how to develop better leadership and better teams through strategy
  • Explore ways to continue to grow, learn, and develop personally and professionally

All sessions start at 2:00PM EST

April 4           Kick off orientation session

April 12          Module 1: Finding the challenges & opportunity – thinking differently

April 19          Module 2: Revisiting your purpose, aspirations, and strategic journey

April 21          Coaching 1

April 26         Module 3: Exploring Audience & Insights

May 3            Module 4:  Building an Audience Led Proposition to drive strategy

May 10          Coaching 2                                      

May 17           Module 5: Building strategic principles and practices to guide you

May 24          Module 6: Building tools for strategic reach – Part 1 Digital and Journeys

May 31           Coaching 3                                      

June 8           Module 7: Building tools for strategic reach – Part 2 Integration and Channels

June 16          Module 8: Creating a strategic roadmap for growth

June 21          Coaching 4                                      

June 21          Wrap up (extended session)

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Upcoming Class & Investment

Timing for Cohort 1

April 1st 2022 to June 24th 2022


Early Bird Inaugural Rate $2,999 (prior to March 1st)
Inaugural Rate $3,499
Regular Rate $4,299

Plus Applicable Taxes – Prices in CAD

Want to send more than one team member from your organization?  Talk to us about group pricing.