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The Blakely BENCH Report

Get the data
you need to succeed

We believe in a simple principal: you can’t build without measuring first. BENCH Reports measure historical performance to identify important trends. From retention levels to mid-value giving, monthly upgrades to channel growth, they can identify your strengths and ways to improve.

  • How is my program doing?
  • How is retention trending?
  • Is there a particular donor segment I need to focus on?
  • What is my Lifetime value by channel?
  • How is my charity performing against other charities?

Where long-term trends meet real-time solutions

BENCH analytics let you see five years of macro trends and KPI’s across your donor base (new donors, OTG, monthly and mid-level) to optimize each segment. Measure across calendar and fiscal years, diving deep into segment and channel performance. This allows you to plan your annual investments, manage risk and find opportunities.

By combining a big-picture view with laser focused measurement, you can proactively pursue growth instead of reacting to problems.

A complete benchmarking solution in one simple package.

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