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Our mission?

Transform the way

you achieve yours.

You’re making change in the world. We’ll reimagine the way you do it. Through true partnership that fully integrates our team with yours, for powerful results.

THE Blakely exchange

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Once again, there is significant pressure and emerging challenges for fundraisers and marketers in 2023. We have weathered the global…
visualization of infographic
Taking a closer look at what makes donors fall in love with the charities that they support. Download the PDF…
view looking up to the sky from the forest
The individual brushstrokes of an Impressionist painting may not look like much. But when you see the whole work from…
Happy multiracial senior women having fun together outdoor - Elderly generation people hugging each other at park
Supported by new research and insight, we have developed a better understanding of what mid-value donors need, how their needs have changed, and what insights and strategy we can employ to retool our approaches to engagement…

Our Work

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The challenge Heart & Stroke’s mid-level donors were an audience that had not been deeply invested in, resulting in an…
child holding spoon
The challenge The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated food insecurity in Canada. Thankfully, Canadians responded. In 2020, Food Banks Canada (FBC) saw…
group of children celebrating
The challenge In 2020, Cuso International approached Blakely to develop a segmentation strategy to help tailor communications to ensure that…

Many disciplines

one goal

Engaging donors is just the beginning. Let’s talk transformation.

Strategy that Delivers
We don’t just help solve your business problems. We help define and illuminate them. Our strategic practice can define your values and positioning, identify your audience and go-to-market messaging. All through open and respectful collaboration.

Elevated Donor Experiences
Simply put, a better donor experience creates a longer donor relationship. Based on insights and research, we create seamless donor journeys that can help build lifelong loyalty and retention, balancing core values and business needs

Powerful Insights
Audience insights are at the core of Blakely’s DNA and we harvest them with a suite of proprietary tools. They inform our analytics, drive our data practice and guide the donor journey. 

Integrated Fundraising and Marketing Campaigns
From grassroots groups to established charities, we take our clients to market with powerful strategies and compelling creative ideas. Our channel and executional expertise help achieve optimal results.