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The Blakely Rapid Report

What is the Rapid Report and how can it help?

Rapid Report gives you a dynamic snapshot of your performance KPIs, month by month.

This empowers you to analyze your investments, focus your efforts, and pivot for optimal results. The Rapid Report can also uncover key opportunities, such as the drivers for higher-value giving.

Most importantly, the Rapid Report empowers your team with outcome-focused summaries and actionable solutions. All tailored to the unique realities of non-profit fundraising.

One of the biggest challenges for fundraisers is lack of visibility into ongoing performance. Responding in real time is key to success.


Rapid Reports have a clear advantage over competitive products

  • It’s updated monthly to see key trends in donor behaviour 
  • It provides interactive, visual insights into audience-based KPIs that can be segmented and sampled with ease
  • Its data visualizations are easily transferable to other platforms for presentation and collaboration  
  • It reveals big-picture trends across your donor segments, identifying opportunities for immediate action

Your subscription to Rapid Report gives you:

  • Up-to-date data, refreshed monthly 
  • 24/7 online platform access 
  • Quarterly review meetings with Blakely to measure performance against KPIs and identify opportunities 
  • A wealth of proven insight and advice from Blakely experts

Monthly Metrics

Marketing insights are only as accurate as the data that informs them. The Rapid Report offers metrics on a monthly basis across all your your key segments:  

  • Acquisition 
  • Retention 
  • Monthly Giving 
  • Mid-Value

See the roadblocks. Find the opportunities.

Gain the advantage.

Frequently, charities rely on irregular or longer-term (quarterly or yearly) reporting. More current data can help you change direction at a pivotal time. Responding to challenges in real time is the key to lasting success. That’s why we created the Blakely Rapid Report.

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