Donors are key to your mission. Get to know them better.

Blakely Affinity Surveys

Know your donors to optimize giving.

Identify new segments of engaged donors, high-value potential, and prospects for additional giving. 

Our specialized Affinity Surveys provide in-depth insights into donors’ motivations and needs.

The results of every Affinity Survey are geared towards action. They’ll offer concrete solutions to your fundraising challenges, from longer-term strategy to quick-win tactics. Our Affinity Surveys can:

  • Give you the human insight to foster a connection with your cause
  • Create a two-way dialogue to better understand donors
  • Identify growth prospects and the drivers to increase their support 
  • Uncover additional segment and audience profiles to better targeting messaging and elevate the donor journey
  • Empower you with actionable insights to use immediately
  • Aid in the development of your brand proposition, your products and your donor journeys

“The affinity survey has gone deeper than standard donor satisfaction surveys and given us a greater understanding of our audience’s needs and motivations. This has enabled us to build meaningful journeys and experiences, identifying areas of opportunity to help improve the value of our donor portfolios.” 

Alisa Mackay 
Director, Direct and Digital Marketing 

An Affinity Survey is more than a standard donor satisfaction survey.

Every lasting relationship is built on understanding. Your key to success is creating a meaningful connection with donors. It begins with a discovery session to align on objectives and audiences. Our data experts will then analyze your segmentation and donor profiles to design a bespoke survey with key benchmarks in mind. We’ll deploy the survey and analyze the results to create a robust report with strategic recommendations. 



A donor and non-donor survey designed to give big picture insight, proposition direction and identify pockets of opportunity.

Annual Donor

A donor survey across OTG, Mid-Value, Monthly, and New donors that can help with designing experiences, fundraising propositions, and identifying opportunity and priority audiences.

Product Development

Taking a particular type of giving e.g. mid-value, monthly we will explore what offer and test product features and benefits will inspire conversion, retention and upgrade.  


Using Affinity Survey to inform Mid-Level Product Development

Heart & Stroke’s mid-level donors were an audience that had not been deeply invested in, resulting in an opportunity to increase insights and build propositions and offers to sit alongside the monthly Breakthrough Fund. There was a perception that offering donors the opportunity to designate may be compelling, but this was going to be difficult to execute with internal resourcing, and so…

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Find new opportunities in existing donor portfolios. Interested?

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