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Case for Support


The challenge

Oxfam had identified that there are varying perceptions of their organization’s purpose and its impact, amongst their major donors and major donor prospects. With a new strategic plan and clear direction for moving forward, Oxfam wanted to make sure their donors understood who Oxfam Canada is today and why they are the right organization to give a significant gift to.

In addition, Oxfam’s fundraising managers needed inspiring and exciting materials that they could utilize as a reason to reach out to donors and prospects, and tools to use for follow up conversations. 

What we did

To create a solid foundation for this project, we first conducted an affinity survey for Oxfam. This survey helped us better understand their donors’ perspectives, motivations and how they are nuanced against their full file. These insights then became the foundation for building a major gift fundraising proposition that would both speak to Oxfam’s unique differentiator as well as the values and needs of their donors. 

Once the proposition was established, we created the strategy for the major gift case for support as well as determined which areas of their work would work best as mini case “toolkits” for the Major Gifts team to use in their one-to-one conversations with donors. 

Content direction and information gathering was conducted. Utilizing the learning from the survey regarding language and subject matter, we wrote the copy for the case for support and toolkits then flew that copy into documents whose design were a strong representation for their brand, while catering specifically to the needs of this high value audience. 


“We really enjoyed our time working with Blakely on our much overdue case for support as well as an affinity survey. They were highly attentive, sincere and just a true pleasure to interact with. The survey they did for us continues to provide insights to our donors that we reference often and their case for support really took us from zero to a clear, coherent and impressive final result. Certainly, their understanding of our brand and our business was a huge advantage in working with them. I would definitely recommend Blakely’s team for anyone looking to create a case for support for their organization, particularly for those struggling and feeling the impossibility of the task. Blakely makes it easy.”

Manager, Fund Development