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Ways you can Honour the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

This Friday is the second, federally-designated National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. We are giving our team time to reflect and further educate themselves on the tragic and painful legacy of Indian Residential Schools, a legacy that continues to impact the lives of Indigenous peoples across the country. There are numerous ways to observe the day and we’ve shared some of the ones we found here, we hope this list helps.

1. Read and reflect on the full Truth and Reconciliation Report

2. Read and educate yourself on the 96 Calls to Action

3. Read and reflect on Canada’s Residential Schools: The History, Part 1

4. Wear an orange shirt or purchase one here

5. Support Indigenous businesses — here are a few of our favourites:

6. Donate to an organization:

7. Learn more about Native Lands

8. Read a book written by an Indigenous author such as No Surrender: The Land remains Indigenous by Sheldon Krasowski

9. Follow Indigenous thought leaders and influencers such as @shaylaOh

10. Continue to have crucial conversations with family, friends, and kids

How will you honour survivors and reflect on the legacy of residential schools in Canada on September 30th?