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Webinar: Digital Engagement Power Panel

As we are tackling a massive shift of our cornerstone in-person events, and 90% of new supporters reaching us through digital platforms during this pandemic, how are we using digital to engage current and new supporters in our important missions moving forward?

Join this senior panel discussion about the biggest challenge and opportunity we have ever faced in fundraising and how others are approaching digital engagement with understanding and innovation.

Is it simply to move your large in-person events to digital and does it even make sense to do so? Our experienced marketing and fundraising colleagues will be talking about how they are approaching the opportunity to further build their digital presence and drive forward growth that will fuel 2021 and beyond.

We will tackle innovations in P2P events, corporate and employee engagement, and discuss how digital engagement strategies can make a difference to both the experience of donors and their connection to our causes. We will also talk about the importance of lead generation and first party data, in driving programs forward. Lastly, we will identify some of the key issues in developing digital engagement strategies for organizations to consider as they are planning to add these initiatives into the mix.

If there was ever a time to do things differently, think digital first and grow our connections through digital fundraising and marketing, it’s now. Please join the discussion and get your own burning questions answered about digital engagement for your own organization.