Elevated Experiences: Understanding and Acting on Donor Needs
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Webinar: Elevated Experiences: Understanding and Acting on Donor Needs

Kimberley Blease (EVP, Strategic Solutions & Consultancy, Blakely) 
Rachel Hunnybun (Director, Strategic Solutions, Blakely) 
Candice Gillman (Senior Account Manager, Blakely)
Megan Vandekerckhove (Account Director, Blakely)
Shannon Parker (Associate Creative Director, Blakely)
Graeme Kembel (Account Director, Blakely)
Ericka Tovey (Senior Fundraising Strategist, Blakely)

Over the past 5 years, we’ve identified 5 crucial donor needs that fuel retention, drive increased giving, and enhance lifetime value. Our goal is to assist organizations in integrating these essential elements into the donor experience, empowering people to further engage with their causes.

During this session, we will delve deep into trust, feeling needed, organizational impact, donation achievement and shared values to provide a comprehensive understanding of how you can leverage each aspect to motivate donors.

To bring the key donors needs to life, our team will present real-life examples showcasing donor needs in action, illustrating how you can better support your donor relationships by prioritizing their needs throughout their journey.