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Webinar: Integration Now – The Channel Mix in Your Crisis Contingency Plan

The integration between marketing & fundraising has never been more important than now in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. How we use our valuable resources to connect with donors and other audiences now will drive our ability to recover in the future.
So, as you move from the immediate urgent crisis communications into contingency planning and eventually recovery, what’s needed?
Join us to talk integration and channel mix in this time of crisis communications, and amidst an increasing need for charity services and support. We’ll discuss breaking down siloes and mixing the perfect G&T (our term for marketing and fundraising integration), emerging channels to incorporate into your planning, revenue replacement strategies, and more collaboration.
• See how your role and your “COVID-19 Why” drives your channel strategies
• Understand how marketing & fundraising can work together to meet everyone’s objectives
• See how creative use of new and old technology can bolster connections in the mix
• Learn firsthand how organizations across the world are viewing integration and how digital is leading the charge in new ways
• Understand the importance of having one, singular message in the market right now
• Learn new ways to look at contingency planning in order to test things you have always wanted to do
• See ideas on brand awareness and their role (or not) in the current context
• Incorporate new thinking into your Q3 & Q4 Planning now