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Webinar: Recovery Starts Now – How to Plan for Recovery and Shape Your Future Success

It’s easy in these tough days to only focus on the here and now and feel overwhelmed by the challenges that lay ahead. But there’s huge evidence that in recessions or tough times, the organizations that think and act on the future not only survive – they thrive. So, how can you turn crisis into opportunity to better connect with current and new donors? What steps can you take now? And what can you do differently?

In this webinar, we will explore an approach to planning for recovery and beyond. We will share stories of change, a powerful strategic and practical framework, a toolbox to help you determine where you are now, and more importantly, help you connect with where you need to be, to support planning to move you forward. Join us and we will share thinking from Crisis to Contingency Planning to Recovery and Opportunity.

• How to review where you are right now and find your strengths and missed opportunities
• How to stop doing what isn’t working and start what you really need to do
• How to reconnect with your mission and use it to sharpen your ambition and goals
• How to explore investment and opportunity
• 5 key things you need for recovery