The Affinity Connection
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Webinar: The Affinity Connection: Strategies for Deepening Donor Relationships

Kimberley Blease (EVP, Strategic Solutions & Consultancy, Blakely) 
Rachel Hunnybun (Director, Strategic Solutions, Blakely) 
Michelle Duggan (VP, Partnerships, Canadian Cancer Society)

The profound connection that donors feel towards our causes and organizations is what fuels their generous support. Do we truly grasp the motivations behind individuals’ giving, the elements of our work that they value, and how we can inspire continuous support and increased contributions? Essentially, how strong is the bond that people have with us across our diverse donor audiences.

In this session, we will delve into how affinity can drive engagement, exploring ways to deepen understanding, measure impact, spark inspiration, and implement strategic approaches to effectively engage supporters. Through our affinity research, we reveal the characteristics of key donor segments, providing a basis for you to shape your own understanding of your donor’s needs.

We’ll hear from Canadian Cancer Society, and how they are using affinity insights to build audience strategies that truly resonate with donors. And, we will guide you in building a business case in support of deepening your audience insights.