We know fundraisers and marketers are under immense pressure to create new strategies and to do more, often with fewer resources. As boards ask where the growth is coming from and our strategic plans identify the need for increased funding, the economy is creating uncertainty and everything is more expensive. Clarity and the ability to prioritize opportunities is even more important. 

We also know that donors’ expectations are rising. And their expectations are very clear. If they’re going to give, they need relevant content that lays out a compelling problem and solution they can get behind. And to keep them giving, we need to work to connect and engage. 

Conversations are key to making real change in our organizations — the right conversations, with the right people, at the right time, posing the right questions. 

This paper is about helping you have those conversations in your own organization so you can retain and grow donor relationships and raise more money for the causes you’re most passionate about. Each section can be used as pre-reading material for a meeting topic and we have included questions to discuss with your colleagues as a starting point to delve into key trends for your own organization. 

Our goal is to share the latest research on donor attitudes in Canada as well as in-depth insights from thousands of donors who have shared their needs, motivations and connections through our affinity work, plus amalgamated trends based on performance metrics from more than 30 charities. 

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