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Webinar: Everyday to Elevated: Crafting Content That Truly Connects With Donors

Rachel Hunnybun (Director, Strategic Solutions, Blakely) 
Matt Ng (Art Director, Blakely) 
Barbara Fischer (Associate Vice President of Advancement Services, The University of Toledo Foundation)

Our latest research shows that well-informed donors are more likely to stay engaged and have a higher lifetime value. However, are your communications effectively hitting the mark? The time and effort we put into developing content is only worthwhile if people are not only reading it but also absorbing the messages we intend to convey. 

In this session, we will explore the essential factors to optimize your content and provide valuable insights on key messages, formats, and ideas that will help you break through the noise and create impactful stewardship and compelling cases for support that donors will truly take notice of. 

Join us for practical ideas, key principles to guide content creation, and avoid common pitfalls.