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Webinar: Maximizing Impact: A Closer Look at What Integration Means Now

Kesheyl van Schilt (President, Blakely) 
Kimberley Blease (EVP, Blakely) 
Alex Tom (Senior Director, Philanthropy and Partnerships, March of Dimes Canada)

We know integration is a powerful tool to drive renewals and boost engagement. As the landscape of integration evolves, so do our thoughts on how to approach it.

Watch now to explore the latest trends shaping integration in 2024 and witness how an audience-focused strategy is transforming the why and how of integration.

Gain insights into the myriad of opportunities available to connect with donors on a deeper level, the importance of seamless collaboration across channels to inspire and reach donors, and how impactful content can supercharge your integration efforts. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to evolve your own thinking about integration!