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Webinar: Mid Level Giving in The Global Pandemic

What got us here is not going to get us where we need to go – and in the vital area of mid value giving this is truth. Donor experience, delivering amazing content and being relevant and engaging are key – but recognizing unique donor needs and delivering on these will make the difference in your recovery and diversification programs well past 2021.

Maybe you have attracted hundreds or even thousands of new donors and many are giving more than they have previously – average gifts are up and people have given at the leadership level – so how do we keep them engaged moving forward?

This session looks at the barriers that exist in mid level giving for many organizations driven by the pandemic and the opportunities for new ways to engage. We will demonstrate examples how organizations are adopting new ways to engage more donors in mid value giving and how they are using segmentation, content and donor experience to keep them giving.

Whether you have a small group of vital mid value donors or a large, robust program for engagement, this session will help you look at ways to connect with your mid value donors differently, that will keep them giving and connected. It will also provide you new ways to think about kick starting your program for growth in 2021 and beyond.