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Webinar: Taking the Pulse of Donors in This Time of Crisis: Real Time Research Results from Canadian and American Attitudes Towards Charitable Giving

As the COVID-19 pandemic grows, and charitable organizations are working to communicate with and engage their donors, what are your donors feeling? And, how does it affect their willingness to give?

Blakely, in collaboration with The Aber Group (our digital media partner), and Google, is conducting research now among 1,000 women and men aged 35+ in Canada and the US. The aim is to find out how people are feeling about charities at this time. We’ll share the initial results in a free webinar. We’ll also discuss critical issues and provide direction on how to use these insights to communicate with your donors and stakeholders better during this crisis.

Key areas of focus for the Google Survey include:
Attitudes towards giving during the pandemic – are people more, or less inclined, to give now than in the past? Are they planning to give more, less or the same as last year?
• Are there differences between men and women, ages, regions, Canadians and Americans?
• How do people want to help, and how does this impact our case for support?
• What do donors need/want from us?
• How can charities that are not directly responding to COVID-19 communicate with their donors?
• Indications on how efforts now might translate to giving in the future
We’ll translate findings into actionable advice and share ideas on how your charity – regardless of size or cause – can communicate with your donors in the best possible way. We plan to repeat this survey to provide you with ongoing information about how donors are feeling towards giving, and how those attitudes might change over time. Our goal is to support you in your key communications and understanding of donor needs and help you align messages that will make a difference in your donors’ experience through the crisis and into recovery.