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Webinar: Charitable Giving in a Pandemic

In these uncertain times, it is vital we keep on fundraising, but how do you respond in this crisis now and in the future? The decisions you make today could have a huge impact on your ability to thrive short-term and your long-term goals. We know you want to be there for your causes, and we want to be alongside you to help you get there.

Blakely is working with numerous charities right now to help them find their way through this crisis. That’s why we have put together this 1-hour webinar to help you keep your fundraising going and share our phased approach to emergency, contingency, and (eventually) recovery planning, our learning and our experience to date and how to get the channel mix right. We will also share key connections with donors, why telling the right stories is key, and how to tailor the strategy to make it work for you.

In this webinar, you will learn:

• 3 steps to help your fundraising planning to guide you from crisis to opportunity
• How to create key messages and find your case for support in the crisis
• Ways to get your board and leadership on board
• How to explore what you should stop, start and continue in your fundraising
• The key areas of focus in all things digital and how to get ready to grow your digital impact in the future
• Why emergency appeals really matter now
• Ways to create new channel mixes
• A strategic approach to getting you ready for recovery

The webinar will be led by Kimberley Blease, with guest panelists on a number of subjects.

This webinar is the first in a series of weekly webinars that Blakely will be running to help you drive your fundraising through the crisis and beyond. Register for our April 7th webinar here