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Webinar: Connecting With Your Crisis Donors – Maintaining Engagement Beyond the Pandemic

You’re attracting hundreds or even thousands of donors to your vital cause during the pandemic. In fact, your success may be unprecedented. Now what?
Reality check: are these donors the same as your current donors? If not, what now?
How are you going to keep these new donors engaged and connected – and giving? How can you sort who was a one-time donor and who will stay for the long-haul – through this global pandemic and beyond? Who should you invest time and resources into and how do you anticipate the needs and connections as we move through 2020 and into 2021?
We will review the key areas of focus to help you inspire these donors to give again, connect in a deeper way, and stay with you.
Our very special guest, Tania Little – Chief development and partnerships officer of Food Banks Canada will share how they are approaching the next steps with the incredible number of new donors to their cause who have been inspired during the COVID-19 crisis through multiple sources – almost all giving through online mechanisms.
If you have been successful in attracting new supporters to your cause, then you owe them and yourselves to do everything you can engage them and move them into higher-value giving. Please join us for this important discussion on planning and acting on this amazing opportunity for long-term growth for our organizations.